Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It's funny how predictable I am.  Every year I go through similar cycles, with jobs and friends and activities and even foods.  One thing I can always count on is that around March I'll start to feel antsy in my living space, and finally in May I'll make some moves to change things.

This year I started by cleaning out my apartment of any unnecessary "stuff" (aka crap) and either throwing it out or giving it away.  I got rid of an entire dresser's worth of clothing (and managed not to refill it at the clothing exchange my friends and I threw last month) and yesterday got rid of the dresser as well. 

Thursday I rearranged my kitchen, creating more counter space and clearing out the piles of debris that had been forming in the room over the previous months.  Still not quite satisfied, I then turned my attention to an extreme source of tension over the last couple weeks: my craft space.

This entire month I've been thinking about how to best arrange my craft supplies and work area.  For a long time I've had my sewing machine in a totally ridiculous, polar-opposite-of-optimal location that really does not lend itself to my wanting to sew.  Not that I'm a big sewer, or that I aspire to be one, but it'd be nice if I didn't dread repairing the odd pair of jammy pants just because I don't want to fuss with the lack of sewing space. 

And the rest of the craft zone was pretty much a disaster as well.

So finally, after redoing the kitchen (since it didn't take that long, really) I turned my attention to the craft space.

This is not the first time I've completely rearranged my craft area.  But while it's been in adorable working order before, it's still always had a lack of good work space.

Also, note the sewing machine location.  I mean, come on, how are you going to sew with that little space, and that much crap bordering each side of the machine? 

Anyhow, I pulled everything out just like last time and eventually resituated all the counter space to be far more useful.  And voila!

A far more functional craft space is born.

Already this weekend I've re-covered four throw pillows, repaired my jammies and shirt that have been sitting in the craft zone for almost a year, and re-sized some straps to a new tank top from the clothing exchange.

Yay spring!