Friday, April 29, 2011

Baseball Redux

It didn't fit.
I knew it was a possibility--I've knit from this pattern before with dubious results (especially on Minnie's Chug-shaped body) but I'd hoped that was the fault of knitting inexperience.

It wasn't.

The pattern, which (for its sake) shall remain nameless, is, frankly, a fail.

Oleg and I headed over to Elaine and Ken's on Saturday for a brief birthday hello, and while there delivered the new sweater to Mr. Peanut.  However, though he may not look it, Peanut is an elderly gentleman and the sweater, with its awkward arm placement, did not go on very smoothly.

Once fitted, Peanut had a helluva time trying to move around in the thing. All of us were disappointed, me especially.  I'd wanted to make a nice treat for my buddy, instead I wound up making him a torture device.  But from failure comes further inspiration--"Screw that pattern," I said, "I'll make a better one!"  And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Since Peanut's joints are creaky with age, I've decided to redesign this little baseball look so that he can put it on front-wise, instead of over the head.  This means I'll have to split the back, and add a way of fastening it (I haven't decided what, but I'm thinking either velcro or buttons, or both).  And because the arms (which are really the greatest fail of this particular pattern) are a little too far out, I'm going to reshape the chest piece to bring them in closer--you know, in a more dog-like shape.

And here's the good news: once I'm done, not only will Peanut have a dashing new sweater, you'll have a free new pattern because guess what?  Suck it, old sweater pattern, I'm posting the redux so no one ever has to suffer through your dummy tight arms again!

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