Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Tired.

This week is the second week of compulsory clinic, which is where I teach all the munchkins their beam and floor routines for the competitive season.  It's long, and tiring, and Monday I was at the gym for 13 hours, and Tuesday I was at the gym for 8 hours, and today I was at the gym for 8 hours...and suffice to say, humans were not built for more than 5 hours of gymnastics at a time.  It is just too much.

The worst part is that I have no time to actually exist beyond work.  This morning (after sleeping a full 10 hours) I got up and finally found a little bit of time before I had to go to the gym.  I considered knitting but got sidetracked while trying to assemble all my materials.  The sunglasses case that I've been using as a notions storage space broke a few weeks ago, and I've outgrown my home-made needle purse (I want to carry more pairs than it can handle) so instead of knitting I found myself very calmly and quietly beginning a new project: pimped out knitting supply carrier.

I took out my tupperware bin of fabric and found this swath of blue vinyl I've been holding onto and decided that would do fine.  I also chose a cream and gold speckled something-or-other to line it, and after ironing both I laid out the project on my ironing table.  The new carrier will hold 7 pairs of needle, 5 crochet hooks, 2 stitch holder, stitch markers, measuring tape, scissors, thimble(s), pen and maybe a few other things if there is space. 

It will be exciting to use, but it was even more...not exciting, but nice to start making.  I'm sick of spending my only waking hours at work or too tired to do anything more challenging than be horizontal.

The good news?  Family vacation in 7 days.

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