Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nothin' But a G-Thang

I'm excited to have finally given Adam and Stephanie their house-warming gifts because it means that I can post the embroidery piece I made for Stephanie: a gravity hammer.

For anyone who doesn't know (and I'm guessing most of the readers of this blog don't) a gravity hammer is a weapon from the hugely popular and wildly successful Xbox game, Halo 3.  Two years ago Stephanie bought Adam an Xbox for Christmas under the assumption that this was a selfless gesture as she'd have zero interest in playing video games herself.  Boy was she wrong!  After they started playing Left 4 Dead, Stephanie realized that she was a total gaming nerd, and henceforth we have been gaming buddies and Halo 3 team mates.

While Steph finds the standard run-around-and-shoot-folks Halo games a little tough, she excels at a special game (that goes up for one weekend every month) called Grifball.  It's kind of like football, only there's 4 players to a team and instead of tackling one another, you smash your opponents with gravity hammers.  

Stephanie is the best Grifball player I know, so it seemed only natural to give her something that would forever memorialize her skillz.

I also like using the foofy, lady-centric medium of embroidery to make something so traditionally out of the female realm.  I will probably keep it up, so look forward to an embroidered Master Chief in the future.

In other crafts, the grumple army is continuing to grow.  I managed to make a handful over the weekend, though not as many as I'd planned on, and a few last night and the night before.  Indie Mart is Sunday and I want to have as many finished puppets as possible by that date.  I'm at around 45 right now, and I think I can plan on bringing at least 60 with me.

It's getting more difficult to decide what colors to use, but any time I have that thought it's immediately followed by, "Whatever--it's not like it matters if you have too many pink ones," and then I just grab some more yarn and keep knitting.

Last but not least, my Craftastrophe post this week also addressed the intersection of the gaming world and the craft world, which (when you get right down to it) are not that far apart.  Give it a look and see what you think.

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