Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Halo Swords

Steph asked why I haven't posted any photos of the finished swords yet, and the simple answer is I'm busy.  This week is compulsory clinic at the gym and the first week of summer camp, both of which I have a hand in.  Yesterday I was up at 7:30 am to be in by 8 am and then stay until 8 pm.  Today my schedule is less demanding--in at 12, out some time after 6...--but I'm still tired and looking at a full week of similar days.

Add to that I've been on hold with Capital One for the past 30 minutes trying to close an account I don't remember opening and have no information for (something tells me this is going to be a whole bureaucratic clusterfuck, and their hold music is pure awful) and things today feel pretty annoying.

Though this really has nothing to do with my failure to post photos.  So here they are!

Oh my God, the hold music for Capital One just got worse...

Here's a detail shot, so you can see my increasingly precise embroidery skillz...

And the finished project, framed and ready to hang (I don't know where).

I'm going to blame my busy schedule for the lack of any progress on my current project, the Bulltrue medal, that I haven't worked on since last week's Craft Night.

Would write more but it's getting late so I should probably dress myself, review the floor routine one more time, and hope this hold music comes to an end before I have to go to work.

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