Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Embroidery is the New Knitting

I finished my sword.  Swords, actually.  I used the armor emblem as a model, which features two crossed swords (which, now that I'm looking at the emblem, are crossed much lower than they are in my piece--oh well)

and embroidered them in white on blue fabric.  Because the fabric was dark and patterned with even darker peacocks and vines, I wound up having to draw the image (via carbon paper) on the reverse side and embroider it backwards.  I kind of liked that, though, because it left me with an incredibly neat and clean reverse side (and the front of the piece looks no less fantastic).  It took me about 4 hours to do the whole thing, which is not the best time-to-product ratio, but that's the nature of this particular craft--if you rush it, things look sloppy.

This morning I got started on my next project, which is going to be the Bulltrue medal

(which you get for killing someone who's in the middle of a sword lunge).  Seems like a good progression to go in.  I don't know why exactly I'm so interested in Halo 3 themed embroidery--probably because playing Halo is pretty much the exact opposite of embroidery, and I'm all about juxtaposition.

I have some other medals printed, some weapons I want to do (shotgun, sniper rifle) and plan on eventually making Master Chief himself.  And after that?  Zombies (because I play Left 4 Dead, too).

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