Monday, June 7, 2010

3rd Annual Indie Mart

Yesterday was Indie Mart (hello to any visitors who've come to the Brisk Blog by way of a business card you picked up yesterday!  And if you expected robots, you're probably looking for my buddy, Adam). 

The night before the sale Adam, Steph, Oleg and I spent some time figuring out our display, and semi-early Sunday morning we loaded into our respective cars and headed out to Thee Parkside to spent some time sitting at tables on Wisconsin St. and watching hipsters stroll by.

The weather happened to be beautiful, which meant a lot hotter than I'd expected for San Francisco.  In a black t-shirt and jeans, I was over-dressed.  By noon, I'd said, "It's so hot I feel like I'm going to die," at least a dozen times, cut off the sleeves of my shirt, rolled up my jeans as far as they'd go and taken off my shoes. It wasn't enough, so finally Stephanie and I made a cursory trip around the mart to see if I could find a thin, cheap dress to buy.  Most things were thick and heavy, or vintage and overpriced, and I was beginning to lose hope when we unexpectedly stumbled on a seller who not only sold everything she had for $10, but happened to stock a thin pink dress that was exactly what I needed.  I changed clothes and we resumed sitting in the sun for the next few hours (we all have sunburns to prove it).

Our table, full of dinosaurs and robots and finger puppets, proved incredibly popular with the children of Indie Mart.  This dude got two puppets and seemed pretty stoked on them.

People also really liked Adam's prints of poster art (minus the text) and tiny paintings of swimming robots and dinosaurs.

My favorite thing was hearing the noises people made when they put puppets on, because everyone's was different from the noise I usually make when wearing them, and seeing the puppet shows that happened later on in the day when everyone was a little tipsy.

Our display for the puppets was pretty cool, thanks to some mannequin hands that Adam had been purposelessly storing in his house for the past few years.  We spray painted them various colors and stuck them in an egg crate and voila, wound up with a sweet display.

After a few hours of sitting, we got kind of bored and Adam said he wished he had a giant grumple puppet to play with, so I made one.  Turns out I'm awful at large-form embroidery with yarn so the eyes came out kind of janky, and after three tries at making a mouth I gave up and did a make-shift temporary tape smile for the puppet.

All in all, it was a fun day.  The economy is still crap so it seemed like most of the vendors sold less than they expected, us included, but it was no biggie. 

Sitting in the sun that long really took it out of me, though, and last night I slept 11 hours to compensate.  How crazy that being stationary in heat can get so exhausting.

This week I'll probably be less about crafting and more about other activities, but I think when the urge does strike again I'll tackle another embroidery project--maybe this time, I'll make a sword.

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