Monday, March 29, 2010

Team Awesome Clothing Exchange: Crafty Shopping

This weekend Nnekay and Heather hosted one of everybody's favorite events, the Team Awesome Clothing Exchange.  I don't know who first suggested it, but for the past two years the ladies of T.A. have gathered every few months or so to give their closets a good purge, and to do get some free new-to-you duds--a total win-win! 

Most of the time when I go through my things with the intention of clearing out some space I'll wind up hemming and hawing over certain items, but when you know your things will end up in the hands of a good buddy it really gives you that extra bit of motivation to get rid of it.  As Stephanie summarized, "I love when I feel unsure about something until I see one of you put it on and it looks way better than it did on me, and then I think, 'Yeah, I should give that up."

It's also awesome that we're all very different shapes and sizes, from six-foot tall Mary to five-foot-two Tamar, and no matter what winds up in the pile it can theoretically find a home with one of us.  I didn't even need a mirror while trying things on yesterday, I just stood in front of Nnekay and asked her if the thing I was wearing looked good (and if it didn't, I threw it to someone who'd wear it better).

The clothing exchange is like a thrift store shopping experience minus all of the annoyances of travel time, fitting rooms, budgeting, and you get to drink wine!

You also get to try on fantastic outfits, or laugh while your friends try them on!  See how Nnekay and Heather found matching shirts?  How about those sweet red cords?  And don't overlook Tamar in the pink "buttcheek" long-johns and silver sequined party dress.  Awesome.

Clothing exchanging can get pretty tiring, though.  After a good two hours of trying things on and flinging them from friend to friend, you can get pretty wiped.  Once everyone's filled their take-home bags with the clothes they want, the hosts collect the rest and drop it at the Goodwill.  That's free shopping, wine, and charity.

This was my favorite ensemble of the evening (next to the no-pants look I cultivated for the majority of the time...): lu'au hat, disco tank, leggings as pants (noooo!) and Mary's size 9 party boots ala 1998.

Best.  Look.  Ever.


  1. This looks like so much fun, thanks for sharing. Now I just wish I knew enough people whose clothes I might want to do this with. Love the last outfit by the

  2. Thanks buddy! I'm totally ready for Pride in that get up...