Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun New Things

My voice is finally back, and yesterday I used it to complain through the Oscars at Stephanie's house.

I don't care about the Oscars at all, so I'm not going to waste time blogging about them suffice to say that the show would've been better had all the presenters been suffering from laryngitis as well.

Earlier in the day Adam (Stephanie's awesome husband and my soul-twin), Stephanie, my mom and I went to the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale.  If you live in the Bay Area, you've probably heard of this thing--it's a huge benefit sale for put on by the OM's Women's Board and it happens in a ginormous warehouse on the Oakland waterfront.

Most years, Mom and I go for the preview sale (we get passes from a friend and get to shop before the actual sale date, which is how the cool kids do it) but this year we were both busy and sick (alternately, and sometimes together) and just couldn't get there, which meant that for the first time ever we had to go on the actual day of the sale.  The last day of the sale, to be more specific.


1. Hipster central!  Way to be Bridge-and-Tunnel, The Mission.
2. Clusterfuck.
3. Nothing left.

We did manage to find a few things, though (in between getting bumped by glassy eyed folks stunned into a shopping daze).  Steph picked up an antique thimble and a fondue pot, Mom got a few greeting cards that she was really stoked on, and Adam helped Steph compile a stack of records for the bargain price of 50 cents a pop.  I was mostly interested in the Craft section, which is usually awesome but, lo and behold, was severely lacking come the date of the sale.  It lead me to truly appreciate those yearly passes we get, and to feel sorry for anyone who has to restrict themselves to coming to the sale weekend.  If you've never gone to the preview sale, you are seriously missing out.

I was hoping to find some embroidery floss, fabric, and a more comprehensive book on embroidery than the one that I'm currently using.  It was a win for the fabric and the book, but as far as yarn and thread went the vultures had already picked the bones clean by the time we showed up.

Still, I took home enough fabric that I can be embroidering for the next year without having to restock, and a giant needlework bible by McCall's to refer to while I do it.

When I finally got home last night I started working on a new piece of embroidery that I may or may not give to someone special (will have to see how it turns out).  So far my skillz are mediocre--I get the concept, but my lines aren't the tidiest and every once in a while the floss bunches and I wind up with little thread puckers.  But it's about the process, and each time I make a stitch I think I'm getting better at it.  It seems to take longer than knitting, but maybe it's just because I'm slower at it, or concentrating harder on what I'm doing.  In any case, it's a fun new thing, and fun new things are good.

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