Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yes, Those Are Lollipops

The crafts are back!

After a brief hiatus from craft-related blog posts, I've finally gotten it together to put up some photos of the stuff I've been working on.

First off is the baby hat attempt, which I was sort of planning on giving to Joel (see previous post re: lemon eating adorableness) until I realized the hat was too big for his 1 year old head because, duh, when I wrote it I used the toddler/child size measurements.  Oh well--I'll just have to find another kid to try it on, and maybe keep it.

So this is how it came out:



To make it, I knit the body of the hat in the round (the pattern is made with a series of shifting slip stitches and decreases) and then pulled up about 18 stitches at the base to make the cable strip.  When the strip was long enough (it's a heart cable pattern...or so they say) I decreased to about 4 stitches and then sewed them into the top of the hat.

I was toying with leaving the strap as a kind of free-floating accoutrement, but in the end I sewed it into the hat so that it lies flat against the body.

This is not my favorite creation ever, but I had to start somewhere, so that's that.

I also finished a pair of elbow-length Hinoki gloves in gray, a special order for Apasara.  I l-o-v-e-d the yarn I used (and thankfully over-bought, so I have 2 whole skeins left--YES!) and I super love how the gloves came out.

Nnekay stopped by to have some coffee the other day and I seized the opportunity to make her model them.

They're so soft and comfy, and again I'm left wanting a pair.

By the way, if you're wondering what happened with my desire for a pair of the Rococo gloves in that dark blue-gray, I went to knit them and felt like a nerd for doing the same pattern again so instead I made an elbow length version of Marin's Gloves.  When I was finished with the first glove I felt underwhelmed, like I should've stuck to my instinct and just made another Rococo even if it wasn't original.  Now I have this single long glove hanging out with the rest of my in-progress projects (hello, angry face glove...) that I will eventually need to decide what I want to do with.  Perhaps I'll post a photo soon and you can tell me what you think.

Finally, in gym news, we've implemented these spirit days for our team girls.  I always hated that crap growing up, but the kids are so psyched about it that I don't mind encouraging them.  Previous spirit days have included Twin Day and Senior Citizen Day, both of which were pretty cute, but nothing compared to this past Saturday: Valentine's Day Day.

Spirit day works like this: the kids know about it a week before hand and come in on Saturday morning with their costumes in tow.  At the end of work out we give them about 2 minutes to get dressed, then they come out on the floor and line up at the edge.  Kids who've dressed up come out front and the rest of the team votes on a winner, and the winner gets a dorky prize from a prize bucket.  Mostly harmless, usually very sweet, sometimes fun even for the coaches.

Valentine's Day Day had only 2 entries: Jewel, who had a sign that said, "Free Hugs!" in gold glitter, and a dual entry: Nichole (Jewel's little sister) and Sarafina, who'd made heart-halves that they wore sandwich board style to form a completed heart when they stood beside each other.

It was so cute that the whole gym went, "Awwww."

I never do this, but I actually went all the way upstairs and got my camera so I could take a photo.

Yes, those are lollipops.

That's Jewel to the left, and about half the Level 4 team behind them.  Super cute, and really amusing to me, a former spirit day abstainee.

Sometimes, I really love my job.

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