Monday, February 15, 2010

Music Monday

Not all crafts need to be tangible--at least, not at first. 

There are a handful of things I've been involved in on a (nearly) life-long basis.  You know about a few of them--gymnastics and crafting take up a fair amount of blog space--but one of these things hasn't yet enjoyed its moment in the spotlight, and that's one of my favorite additions: mix cds.   

Coming from a long line of musicians meant that I was raised amongst a smattering of instruments (piano, drums, guitars, bases, even the occasional trombone) and records (The Who, Ritchie Valens, The Hollies, and Duane Eddy were my favorites).  When I was little, you'd regularly find me happily rifling through my parents' collection, spinning vinyl before I could tie my shoes. 

Like any child of the 80's, I eventually moved on to making mix tapes--by holding my tape recorder up to the radio and standing very, very still.  When the 90's hit and the dual tape deck became a staple of every home stereo system I nearly lost my mind with excitement.  Emily (my long-distance BFF) and I spent most of middle school mailing elaborately decorated cassettes from Oakland to St. Louis and back again.  My walkmans lost buttons, plastic casings, head phone covers...I went through them like chewing gum. 

When Napster exploded I was in the epicenter: Boston, 1999.  It was there that my roommate Emma and I figured out how to hook the computer up to a boom box and started making our first MP3 mix tapes.  I thought this was the best thing that would ever happen to mix making--and then, heart of hearts, on came the cd burning revolution, from which I haven't looked back.

Almost a decade later, I still have a reputation with my buddies as a mixing addict.  You'll know we're friends when I finally open my purse to reveal your own personalized mix cd.  You'll know we're best friends when you have a shelf of them.

In the spirit of Twitter's #musicmonday, today's blog has zero to do with knitting, crochet, sewing, or screening, and instead contains a throwback to my younger years: my most recent mix cd.

No, you can't listen to it, but you CAN visit and build your own version.  And Emily, don't peak--this one's for you.

1. Purple Mushroom by Punk Bunny
2.  Bounce by MSTRKRFT (featuring N.O.R.E.)
3. Awesome by The Bloody Beetroots (featuring The Cool Kids)
4.  Don't Stop The Rock by The Freestylers
6. Back Of The Van by Ladyhawke
7. Forever by Walter Meego
8. Little Secrets by Passion Pit
9. Only If You Run by Julian Plenti
10. Can You Discover? by Discovery
11. Through A Keyhole by Walter Meego
12. Low Life by Steve Aoki
13. It Don't Move Me by Miike Snow Vs. Peter, Bjorn and John
14. Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La by Calvin Harris
15. Mind Drips by Neon Indian
16. Psychic City by YACHT
17. The Equalizer by Junior Boys
18. So Insane by Discovery
19. Baby Please by Walter Meego
20. I Am Not A Robot by Marina and the Diamonds


  1. I liked that at my birthday, everyone kept asking who made the awesome mix, and it was just a playlist of music you gave me. hahaha!

  2. hahahahahaha...i forgot about that :-p