Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bain of My Etsystence

So for anyone who's unfamiliar with the Etsy world, one of the primary means of promotion within the Etsy community is The Treasury: a gallery of user-compiled collections in the same style as the Etsy home page.  In fact, it's from this treasury (for the most part) that the Etsy wizards choose what will show up on their front lines (note the "Handpicked Items selected by" credit above the choices).  Sometimes they take an entire Treasury listing by an Etsy user, other times a staffer will pick and choose featured items from a selection of Treasuries and compile a unique page with them, but either way The Treasury is the gateway to Etsy homepage stardom.

This being the case, it's in every Etsy shop owner's interest to try and get into a Treasury collection.  To do this you can try one of two things:

Cross your fingers and hope someone else lists you


Make your own Treasury collection, stealthily including the one-allowed listing from your own shop.

I have been trying to do this FOR MONTHS.

Why so difficult, Renee?

Well, to put it bluntly, loyal reader: the Treasury creation process is retarded.

To create a Treasury page you have to wait until enough pages expire that the number of listings comes down to 333.  Why 333?  Because this is the number of magical craftasticness chosen by the splendiferous craft fairy Etzmerelda with her wand of sparkly bedazzlement.  Any more and the fantastical land of Etsy will implode, any fewer and all the crochet Amigurumi will wither and die.

But really, the choice seems utterly arbitrary.

Because Etsy Treasuries have a 2 day lifespan, and listings are expiring every hour, you basically wind up stalking the Treasury, waiting for enough pages to breathe their last gasp so you can get in on the creation frenzy.  Unfortunately if you have a life that requires you to do things like work, eat, sleep, or leave the house for any reason at all, it's really tough to coordinate being at a computer at the precise moment that the Treasury hits 333, and if you miss this moment, you're screwed.

Le sigh.

Still, in spite of my continued Treasury fails (or probably because of them) I've compiled a pretty decent group of favorite Etsy shops and listings to use to make a Treasury page, and (having no craft news of my own) it's from this selection that I'd like to share today.

Jackie Peppermint

I've mentioned this shop on Twitter for Follow Friday, but I just can't get past how much I love Jackie Bos's illustrations.

Check out this awesome set of pillows:
If I could draw, I like to think I'd draw like this--a little Dali, a little vintage, all awesome.

Oh, how I love finger puppets.  This shop makes me want to get more into sewing, a craft form that I continue to shy away from for no apparent reason.
These finger puppets are the animals that my finger puppets would choose to ride if and when they amassed enough numbers to form a proper army.

Another awesome illustrator, the Box of Birds shop also features a selection of super cute felt items that (again) make me want to take up sewing in a more serious way.

This print is totally cute.

I bet that if I showed LoveFoxx this shop, she would start sporting selections.

This hand-painted shirt dress thing is just one representation of the Shanghai designer's eclectic style, but visit the shop and you'll find awesome coats, shoes and bags that will make you wish you had the kind of lifestyle that would justify such sweet threads.

I don't know what it is with me and illustrators--maybe it's my love of paper goods or my jealous feelings at their drawing skills--but Whale and Bee is another place with adorable and unique images that make me smile.

The banana print is pretty fantastic, but I also like the mixtape friends print and the rabbit ninja notebook.

Ahh, jewelry.  There's so many jewelry makers on Etsy, but this is one of my favorites.  The wings ring makes me feel like I could so get into metallurgy one day.

Steph doesn't agree with the vintage section on the Etsy (see: not handmade), but here's my bid to change her mind.  Check out the awesome, Steph:

You have to give it to Timeless Vixen for collecting so many fantastic dresses in one place.  Yes, they're super expensive, but they're so pretty that I don't even care.  Some day maybe I will have enough money (and be tall enough) to wear this.

Until then, it's back to the gym for this girl.


  1. Okay, maybe I'm just bitter about the vintage because I haven't been a 33" bust and size 5.5 shoe since I was ten.

    Etsy is a quirky beast.

  2. Not only is your writing truly a jot to read, but this is also great advice for new etsy-ers. Thanks.

  3. Thanks, Unruly! So sweet to hear :-)