Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Business Time

I love stormy weather.  It makes me feel so cozily confined to the house, and relieves any feeling of obligation to go outdoors.

Today being my day off, and stormy to boot, means I'm at home still in my jammies.  There's a cup of coffee beside me, Walter Meego is singing about knowing what he wants, and how to get it, and I have zero plans on going anywhere before sundown.  But does this mean I'm being lazy?  Nope--exactly the opposite.  I have so many projects I'm looking forward to working on today, and this blog post is just the beginning.

Last night Stephanie hosted craft night, which is just another loose excuse for Team Awesome to hang out, featuring crafts and wine.  Since I started the Etsy shop, though, I've been using craft night as a photo session, getting the ladies to model gloves and take photos in the corner of Stephanie and Adam's living room with our janky (but awesome!) set up.  For fun, I also took some "behind the scenes" pictures last night.

Adam's the only guy that regularly comes to craft night (yes, he has a choice even though he lives there...) and he makes awesome paintings.  Right now he's finishing up the 100 robots series (mine is number 99).  Here's Adam helping me rig my backdrop.  See that light?  It's balanced on a wooden trunk because it's too short.  If you didn't know what "janky" meant before this, you do now. 

Heather's craft is usually beading, but she's also started making these awesome feathered fascinators recently.  She's kind of working on both things in this picture, and laughing at me because I failed at using my camera for a second.

Mary is not only a gorgeous lady, she is also a scientist and 6 foot ballerina (I dare you to find another one of those in the world) and last night her craft was sewing the ribbons onto the new pair of toe shoes she'd just gotten.

Stephanie is a knitter and crocheter, and she's been working on a special project for someone, which unfortunately means I can't post the photo of it like I wanted to.  I promise to share it once it's done, and in the hands of the recipient.  For now, here's Steph and a friend.

My craft last night was taking photos of Tamar, who I've wanted to use as a model for-ev-er and was super excited to photograph.  I forced Nnekay to help me, so she started by putting some make-up on Tamar.

This took a while (apparently there were some mistakes) but eventually Tamar emerged looking lovely as always.

I had 3 pairs of gloves I needed photos for, and Nnekay helped me style them.  Trying to think of new ways to model gloves has been a continual challenge at craft nights.  None of us has ever thought so hard about how to hold your hands, but you can tell the group is getting better at it when they start independently telling each other, "That was a cute photo, but the gloves aren't prominent enough."

Here's some of the out-takes:

And here are the final photos that will be going up on the site (as soon as I take the rest of the detail pics of the gloves):

Karen's Gloves

Sock Monkey Gloves

Grapevine Gloves
After she was finished modeling, Tamar enjoyed her payment (courtesy of Mary)

Is that all, you ask?  By no means!

Once I'm done with this post, I have a choice of activities: new screen for printing, finishing the baby hat I started work on

(though it's still not dry from I guess that's more of a non-choice) finishing a pair of gloves for my mom, or the pair I started working on at Steph's last night, writing up patterns, making a mix cd, and a finally taking care of a whole slew of photo editing activities...

Let's just hope the rain keeps coming so I wind up feeling like a curmudgeonly shut in.


  1. I see what that Unicorn did there, that was helpful.

  2. Dammit! Now everyone will know I'm making a giant purple unicorn!

  3. Oh man! I really want to visit, be a model if you'll have me, and model gloves by playing castanets, tambourine, and triangle. Please save these photographic devices for me if you haven't done them already!!!