Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I screen, you screen...

Resuming the normal day-to-day activities after a long vacation with a visiting friend is really, really hard.  My buddy Pj flew out from New York the day after Christmas and spent a gluttonous week and a half with me and my friends.  It was great, but now I'm having trouble getting back into the swing of things--or rather, I feel very unmotivated to get back into the swing of things.  Add to that the little cold I think I picked up over the weekend and you have a double dose of not-wanting-to-do-anything.

Luckily I happen to be very good at forcing myself to do things even when I don't want to do them, which is why this morning finds me working on a pair of Rococo Gloves knit with some of the new yarn I bought over the holidays.

Ebay yarn sales are a wonderful thing, but I need to be careful or I'll wind up with no money and a lot of bamboo yarn.  Check out what I managed to amass in just thirty minutes of browsing:

3 balls of Norma Jean Idol Berroco Metallic Yarn

Six balls of 60/40 split bamboo and cotton yarn in turquoise, green, and plum.

And 11 skeins of hand dyed wool.

Should be enough to keep me busy through at least a few craft nights.

But I also have my newest project, screen printing.  This morning I finally opened up the screening kit I got for my birthday and laid everything out on the new counter work-space.  When I finish this post I'm going to go watch the instructional dvd and have another cup of tea, and we'll see if I actually attempt to screen anything today.  I left my camera battery charging at work, though, so I have limited means of catching pictures of what I'm sure is going to be an at least sometimes amusing learning process.

Wish me luck!

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