Sunday, January 17, 2010


What a funny weekend I'm having.  Everything outside is gray and rainy, perfect weather to do nothing in, but I'm being exceptionally (well, not exceptionally, but very) productive today.  I got up and out of the house by 10:30, then went to the grocery store and restocked my fridge (with a new non-dairy diet I'm trying out.  I bought vanilla soy milk as a substitute for cream in my coffee--the coffee thing being a whole 'nother story featuring quitting caffeinated coffee only to feel relatively disappointed by the taste quality of decaf and then wondering whether it was worth it to even try finding a cream sub or if I should just call it a day with bean-related beverages--and very warily took my first sip only to find I actually prefer it to the way cream made the coffee taste.  This is just a long-winded way of recommending that anyone who's been considering switching go ahead and do so.  I don't know what I think about using vanilla soy on cereal, but it's definitely a coffee win) and FINALLY managed to screen some Team Awesome shirts.

Part of me wants to keep the image from the rest of Team Awesome until I can show them in person, but since most of them don't read this blog anyways I guess it's safe to post images (Hi, Stephanie and Nnekay!).

So here are some photos of the set-up process.

This is the screen.  It's a simple idea, accented by the little unicorn icon (points to you if you recognize its source).

Impressions of screen printing thus far are:

This has lots of speed potential as far as producing many things in a short period of time goes (with lots of set up and a good financial investment...)

Fabric ink is a lot thicker than I thought


This is something I need to practice at.

I started with a shirt that Steph gave me because it was a broken in, not-anybody's-favorite kind of shirt and I didn't think Steph would be angry if I completely botched the print.

It came out pretty well, though I think I used too much ink on it (especially, in retrospect, since it's such thin fabric).  Second I printed the long sleeved shirt I got on sale at Old Navy for $3.  This one came out the best.  Third I printed the thing I was most interested in getting right, a gray sweatshirt for me.  It came out the wonkiest, but I kind of expected it to be the hardest to print on because it was the only thing that didn't lie flat (I was screening over a zipper).  This was also the moment that the screen decided to bleed from the edges (I'm sure a common occurrence with brand new screens) so the print wound up with a couple stray lines on its sides (that I think I managed to wipe off with a wet sponge).

When I finished (took about 10 minutes to screen all three shirts) I put them on the ironing board to dry, where they will hang out for the next 24 hours.

Here are the finished shirts.

And the blue one, solo.

I'm glad that I finally got it together to really work on this craft.  I had another graphic idea (also finally) so I might spend some time working on that today as well.

In knitting news, a lady convo'd me on Etsy to ask whether I had any patterns for gloves that featured cables.  I wrote back to let her know I did indeed, though it's not written up yet (formally, that is.  I can't send out the mess that is a pattern written for my personal use or it would make zero sense--abbreviation central, and not just the standard ones).  I finished this pattern months ago but haven't bothered writing it up so I'm going to use this as a reason to push myself into action.

Here's those gloves:


Lastly, I'm working on a pattern for a baby hat.  I'm almost finished knitting it, but as I was falling asleep last night I kept thinking about how I don't like to top so I think I'm going to have to rip it out and re-do that part.  Will post photos when it's done.

Alright, time to continue this day of productivity (so I can have a night of unproductivity).


  1. i prefer vanilla almond milk... in coffee, tea, smoothies, etc. freeze them for yummy popsicles! it's creamier than soy or rice milks, more consistent with real milk, i use it often in bakinas well. there are also plain & chocolate almond milks, as well as unsweetened varieties.

  2. ooh loving those gloves! perfect color!

  3. I looooooooooooooove the print!!! I want one for my mr!!!!