Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Today being my day off I've devoted myself to non-work-related pursuits.  I put some laundry away, remade the bed with new sheets, and mended a few clothing items that have been in dire need of help.

I also spent about 2 hours on ebay.  It's ridiculous, but once it occurs to you to look for one thing, that process reminds you of 8 other things you meant to look for, and then eventually you find yourself still unshowered at 12:30 pm and searching for things you had no idea you even knew existed.

When I was in college I used ebay one year to do all my Christmas shopping.  It was SO incredibly easy, especially compared to the other options (braving the Boston winter to head to some lame mall and wander aimlessly beneath fluorescent lighting only to come home empty handed and smelling of Cinnabons being the least appealing yet most likely contender) and during the course of browsing for others I also came upon what remains the coolest, most awesome piece of jewelry I've ever owned: a ring made of 3/4 inch long gold hatched lines with two silver butterflies perched on them at varied angles.

It's impossible to describe accurately (especially when you can't think of the right words, and aren't sure that "hatched lines" are a thing...) and unfortunately I can't post a photo of it because I either left it on a Boston sink or at an ex's house--in other words, it's gone 4 eva.  Since losing that ring I vacillate between feeling resigned to the loss, hoping it's hiding in some still-unpacked box at my parents' house, and trolling the web to try and find it.

This leads me to my post subject: some of my favorite Etsy finds.  I love to look at stuff on Etsy, and this holiday season I got to do a lot of browsing (most of my gifts, at least for my mom, came off the site) but no buying for myself, which meant marking a lot of things as favorites to hang on to for later.

Since I'm not doing any crafting at the moment (was going to screen print, finally!, today before re-reading the instructions and deciding I should follow them, which means pre-washing the shirts I bought at Old Navy last week...) I might as well share other people's crafts.  Many are sold out, but I've linked each photo to the creator's store.


Adorable Red Glass Cupcake Ornament with White Frosting and Silver Sprinkles by Kiwi and Kiki

Sylvan Lace Ring by Nurit Design

Bordeaux Cocoon Scarf with Flower Broach by Knittingshop

Whole Lotta Love Three Heart Set by Red Hot Pottery

Butterfly Tattoo Stockings by Tattoo Socks

Custom Wedding Cake Topper - Hand Sculpted and Painted Owls by Red Light Studio

Hot Air Balloon Necklace by Regal Rose

Unicorn Vintage Porcelain Gold Scroll Cuff Bracelet by Retro Atomic

and because I'm a total nerd,

Halo Xbox 360 Master Chief Adjustable Ring by Plastic Paradox


  1. I think shrinky dinks are the next project for Team Awesome.

  2. Beautiful picks! Love Nuritdesign's ring!