Monday, January 25, 2010

Exploding...Oh, Uh, Nevermind

What a lucky thing--off early today and home with plenty of time left to craft.  This means that not only can I play with the new Fair Isle glove pattern I'm working on (it's probably not what you're imagining), I can also post the promised photo of the pair of Marin's Gloves I just finished in deep turquoise.

I really feel like you can't go wrong with this pattern.  When I originally wrote it (for the awesome miss Marin Camille Hood,

a truly talented artist in her own right who will maybe one day teach me to embroider half as good as she does...) I used a lovely cream white yarn, and the gloves looked great.  Then I knit a pair in burgundy, and they also looked great.  Then I knit a pair in bright sunny yellow, and they looked great, too!  And now that I see them in turquoise I think this might be my favorite color so far, until I remember how great they looked in all the other colors and I have to think these are just the undeniably great looking gloves.

Maybe I will have a contest to see if there's a way to make the pattern not look great.

Speaking of contests, I have some in the works and will hopefully get those going soon.  Don't have the energy to do it tonight, but within the next few days...maybe.

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