Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yummy Sensibilities

I can't decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing that the past few days I've been very distracted, thinking about the projects I want to start working on.  Yesterday I stopped by the Alameda Yarn Co., where I usually go for my yarn needs, and picked up two skeins of lovely Peruvian wool--one in black for two pairs of gloves that will go to my aunt Karen in Virginia, and the other in a light green to make a present for a friend of mine.

Here's the green yarn:

Tonight I knit the first glove for one of my aunt's pairs.  The pattern worked pretty well and when I finish this post I'm going to type it up and add it to my personal book of finished (and verified as functioning) patterns.

Here's the glove:

When I first started writing patterns I went on this extended binge where I just wrote and wrote and wrote.  Now I have these two mini-notebooks full of patterns--I'd guess about 200 in all--and I'm slowly plugging away at them.  Sometimes they work perfectly on the first try, and other times I have to edit them and re-edit them and even re-re-edit them.  A few prove to be completely non-functioning and need to be totally rethought (those are the least fun to get halfway through and then have to unravel).

A few weeks ago one of the notebooks completely broke in half, and I decided that I should probably invest in a sturdier format for pattern storage (beyond my computer files, which I maintain pretty diligently) so I wound up with a lovely 5 x 8 binder full of relatively professional looking instructions, and I'm excited to fill it with even more.  I have about three patterns I can transcribe from the messy handwritten versions, and that's what I'll be doing once I finish this post.

Completely unrelatedly, since last week was Thanksgiving my parents packaged up a good deal of left over turkey and cranberry sauce for me, on which I've been living pretty steadily since. Yesterday I made the most beautiful looking (and tasting) sandwich ever, and my inner foodie came out and snapped this photo:

Chalk it up to my "yummy sensibilities."

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