Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanks, Facebook Fans!

This will be a quick post, again.

Tonight I spent a long time gift-knitting, but amazingly finished relatively early (11:30pm) and decided to spend a little quality time with the computer before bed.  Of course this meant checking the Etsy account, and lo and behold what did I discover but another sale!  Yay!  This time it was Lily's Gloves

--a pair that Heather bought at the last craft night, which means I have an additional knitting project to lump in with all the other holiday things I've been working on.  But I can't complain, because it's really exciting when I open my Etsy account and see that something's been sold.

Also exciting (though totally dorky) is that I managed to convince everyone on Facebook to suggest the Brisk fan page to enough of their friends that I'm up to 102 fans, which means I get to change the url to something easy to remember.  Instead of www.facebook.com/randomstringofnumbersandletters&:32978jdjioadna.d209482 (or whatever) I can now direct folks to www.facebook.com/BriskKnits.  *Kind of* awesome.

Alright, time to go and post on one of my other blogs...

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