Friday, December 4, 2009


Yesterday I brought my glove inventory over to my mother's house and she bought about half of it (spoiler alert: if you know my mom, you're probably getting some gloves this Christmas).  On the one hand I'm really happy to have sold so many pairs, and that they'll be going off around the country to spread the glovey word, but on the other hand does it count as success when you're primarily selling to your mother?

Kidding aside, I'm sure most businesses depend heavily on moms (and dads, and friends) for their first year at least, and without all of the awesome people supporting this endeavor I'd be having a lot less fun doing it.

At last night's craft-night I took some photos of Mary wearing the three new pairs of gloves I'd finished, then forgot my (dwindling) glove stock at Adam and Stephanie's, so now I can't list the gloves on etsy because I can't finish taking the pictures of them.  D'oh.

Instead, I'm going to finish up my first pair of child-size gloves, Marin's Gloves in light purple for Elizabeth, a newly-turned 10 year old gymnast of mine, and one of the most awesome people I know.

Elizabeth and Nicole (also awesome)

This weekend is our last gymnastics meet--Level 4 State Championships--and it's both fantastic and weird.  Every time a competitive season starts (in August) I'm reminded (more and more heavily with each passing year) that it'll be over in a flash, and every time we get to December I remark on how true that feeling was.  But as weird as it is to be finishing the season, it also means that now I get my weekends back, and we get to do more inventive things with the kids during workout (instead of just practicing routines all the time).

With that, I'm going to head back to the couch and finish Elizabeth's first glove.  I took measurements of her hand but I never trust numbers on paper, I have to see the glove on her to decide whether the pattern is right or not.  Maybe when they're done I can get her to join the Brisk models on the etsy page.

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