Thursday, December 10, 2009


I feel like this post should be an ode-to-busy-ness.  I've been really busy lately, specifically with trying to knit all the special orders people have requested for Christmas, and with my own Christmas gift projects.  I finished up the pair of gloves for Elizabeth, though I forgot to take a photo of them before dropping them by my mom's place (where Liz takes piano lessons).  Hopefully they fit her (fingers crossed)--I brought them to the gym and tried them on another kid to make sure they were approximately child-sized.  Assuming they do fit, I'll try to snag a photo and post it later.

Apart from Christmas knitting, I'm also in the midst of Christmas and birthday other-crafting.  Today is my step-dad Jim's birthday and he's incredibly difficult to shop for.  My mom and Jim have pretty much everything they need at this point, and our family makes a concerted effort not to buy pointless gifts for one another, but that being the case finding something that is neither stupid nor a duplicate of something else is really, really tough.

Luckily, I am a genius.

My parents leave lots of notes for each other, but they're usually post its on the bathroom mirror, so it occurred to me to make Jim a custom note board.  I bought a frame and some cork from Office Max and tailored the one to fit the other.  I also got some giant push pins that I personalized with photos of the family.

This is what I've spent the past few hours working on, but it was worth it.  He'll like and use it, and it's unique, and not (for once) chocolate-related.

In progress...

Land of the push pin faces...


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