Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Brisk Catalog

This is a catalog of all the Brisk patterns available on a knit-to-order basis.  While listings in my Etsy shop will expire or sell out, you will always be able to view and order from the entire catalog here.  For more information about ordering, contact me at BriskKnits@gmail.com.

Timeless Gloves

Paparazzi Gloves

Mary's Gloves

Marin's Gloves

Aimee's Gloves

Chessboard Gloves

Colombe Gloves

Stephanie's Gloves

Amanda's Gloves

Heather's Gloves

Nnekay's Gloves

Lily's Gloves

Katey's Gloves

Nosegay Gloves

Fenambosy Gloves

Hinoki Gloves

Rombo Gloves

Leia's Gloves

Melody Gloves

Rococo Gloves

Tsuga Gloves

Phoenix Gloves

Ceylon Gloves

Check back often--gloves will be added to the catalog as they're listed in the Etsy shop!


  1. Ooooh! I am marking you as a LOVE on Etsy plus I will let my twitter friends know. I love your gloves. Like your contest too!