Thursday, November 26, 2009

Spreading the Love

Self promotion is hard. Anyone who's done what I'm in the process of doing--opening an online shop and trying to get it off the ground--can probably testify to that. I'm not even really sure how people manage it, apart from lucking into the favor of the cool kids--the weloveindies and cuteables of the world--but I'm determined to persevere.

This morning my projects will include the terminally unfun (thus far) self-promotion attempts (though at least they don't involve standing on the corner spinning a giant cardboard arrow with my business name on it...yet) and the more fun flier and button designing.

My buddy Adam paints and writes zines and was in bands, and he makes buttons for all of those things. He and his wife, the awesome Stephanie (hi, Stephanie!) even made buttons for their wedding last year. I like buttons, so I want to make some buttons for Brisk. I'm toying with a few design ideas--some will feature photos, others will hopefully feature drawings by Adam--and I'm actually looking forward to working on that today.

My mom is a pianist and I almost think that even if it wasn't my endeavor, she'd be all about the fingerless gloves. She plays gigs outside sometimes and always says that the gloves I made her are perfect for played in colder weather because she can still use her fingers, and she's intent on spreading the word to the Bay Area piano player community. She asked me to make a flier to hang in her piano studio, and I'm less excited to attack that project, but help is help and I'm not going to refuse it. I've been trying to figure out how useful flier promotion is these days. Does anyone really check out the wall next to the Starbucks pick up counter? I'm not sure whether it's worth my while to try and make a few extra fliers and put them out...but again, help is help, and it can't hurt.

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  1. Hi, Renee!

    Loks like our next photoshoot will have to feature a keyboard!