Monday, November 30, 2009

New Projects

I have a lot to get to this morning, but after such a long weekend of lazy indulgence I wanted to write at least a small update.

I got a reply from my custom orderer, Spolivka, who bought a pair of Marin's Gloves in yellow. He was very complimentary and said, "They fit her perfectly!" Yay! So happy to hear.

Stephanie and I had a good time playing with gender roles last night discussing some new knitting ideas I had while our respective male counterparts played Left 4 Dead 2 on my Xbox (then had fun reversing those roles while she and I shot up zombies and Adam tried to teach himself to knit. We were ultimately more successful, as Adam gave up after the cast-on).

We were discussing the two library books I picked up this weekend and plan on delving into over the next few days. Mostly I'm toying with some designs that depend less on the stitch pattern and more on shaping. I don't want to post the whole image yet (because it will probably turn into a gift for someone special...) but I here's a hint:

and another:

And last but not least, I took a bunch of button photos and will be working on producing them within the coming days. Adam's button guy is on tour with Megadeth for the next 2 weeks so I might have to go with another company for a first batch so I can get them out right away. All this and more to come, so check back soon.

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